For those seeking unique, one-of-a-kind designs, we specialize in handmade custom rug and carpet design for all interiors, be they corporate, residential or hospitality. We provide a wide range of existing styles and designs for customization.

The process begins with a design selection. From there, we create a digital rendering in your precise size, so you can visually survey the design in its entirety. Once the desired colors are determined, a strike-off (small sample rug) will be created in your chosen colors and sent for approval. This way, we can determine that the colors are as requested.

Upon approval of the strike-off, the production process will begin. The time frame varies, according to the size and quality of the weave, and an estimate will be provided. Most standard sizes are completed within 4-6 months of going into production.

For over thirty years, Trans Orient has been crafting the perfect custom pieces for its clientele.

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